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Welcome to Pien Ji Shih Tzu!

Bob and Ginger Bear - Pien Ji's Foundation Dogs

Home of
Pien Ji's Red Fred, CGC
& BISS CH Hansuti's Oh What a Night

Pien Ji Shih Tzu is dedicated to producing a very few, very high quality Shih Tzu. My foundation boy, CH Ningsia's Chun Kee Bob, was the number 5 producer of Champion Shih Tzu in the US for 2008- based on a few, high quality litters bred here at home. I am the Vice President of the Puget Sound Shih Tzu Fanciers, the only Shih Tzu Club in the Northwest, as well as being a member of Tacoma Kennel Club and a Board member of the Toy Dog Club of Puget Sound. I was the first AKC recognized Breeder of Merit for Shih Tzu in Washington State (there are only 4).

CH Ningsia's Chun Kee Bob &
Ningsia's Chiang of Pien Ji


But first and foremost, I love my dogs. My Shih Tzu are bred for type, temperament, and health, and even in a sweet breed like this, my Shih Tzu are known for being exceptionally sweet, loving, and well mannered. I wouldn't have it any other way! They are part of the family and penned only while small puppies or if the girls are in heat. I believe it is very important that they have a happy life. While I firmly believe that purebred dogs should only be bred to the standard and for breed improvement, I feel that if your pups aren't a true delight to live with, you have failed!

Champion Shih Tzu Marmie and Cher
CH Katmandu Lady Marmalade of Pien Ji
& CH Pien Ji's Cherchez la Rouge


About this website

Last year, I found the most amazing photpgrapher- Alyssa Rose Photography in Seattle. She does pictures of dogs on an all white background - I just loved them. I realized that what I loved about them was that they were ALL about the dog. Eventually it dawned on me (I'm slow- it took me a while) that a website should be the same way. I had a website with art and music and animations- but what if we went back to square one and made it all about the dogs? So I made an appt with Alyssa and got pictures taken of the kids- I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy sharing them with you! The amazing pictures in the white backgrounds come from Alyssa Rose Phtography!


At the end of 2010, We were honored as The Shih Tzu Reporter did an article on Pien Ji- click here if you would like to read it!