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Champion Shih Tzu Smoke, Mun Kee, and Red FredIn these pages are the Pien ji kids. I work closely with Carole Delaney of Katmandu Shih Tzu and JoAnn Gustafson of Ningsia Shih Tzu- some of these are here, some with them. The co-owned ones tend to go back and forth and get double spoiled!

This is Smoke, Red Fred, and Mun Kee with their mommy!

Pien Ji's Foundation

CH Bob and Ginger BearOur foundation boy, CH Ningsia's Chun Kee Bob, was my first champion, and became the #5 producer of Champion Shih Tzu in the US for 2008- based on a few, high quality litters bred here at home. Bob is the sire of Champions Red Fred, Mun Kee, and Lolli Doll. While Bob may sound like an odd name for a Shih Tzu- it came from BOB- Best of Breed- and he certainly lives up to his name!

Our foundation girl, Ginger Bear (Ningsia's Chiang of Pien Ji), was invaluable to Pien Ji. She was the mother of Champions Red Fred and Cher Bear, and Fergie, as well as the lovely Alegrias. I am absolutely in love with the legacy she produced for me. She was laid to rest in November of 2014 at the age of 14. Things are not the same without my beautiful Ginger Bear.

Born in 2000 and 2001, you would have had no idea these were senior dogs. They flew over the kitchen gate with ease and made themselves at home any place they wanted to! Bob, at 14, is quieter now, but still loving and sweet. His favorite part of every day is the part he spends in my lap or cuddled over my shoulder. He is the heart of Pien Ji.


BISS AKC & Int'l CH Pien Ji's Red Fred, CGC - Red Fred - Pedigree
CH Bob x Ginger Bear
/ DNA V369273

BISS CH Pien Ji's Red Fred


Red Fred is our first homebred champion, and a true dream come true dog. His first time in the ring as a champion, he won Best in Specialty Show in some very tough comptition, including a Best in Show winner! Red Fred can be found every evening, laying with his side up against me somewhere. Red Fred has a very Zen attitude- one judge called him "the most delightfully aloof dog" she had ever met. He is quiet and loving and very easy to live with and gets more beautiful every year.


AKC & Int'l CH Pien Ji's Chun Kee Mun Kee - Mun Kee
CH Bob x Sophia

Shih Tzu Champion CH Pien Ji's Chun Kee Mun Kee


Mun Kee is one of the funniest dogs that ever walked the earth. He always stacks himself and looks at you like "ain't I the stuff?" He is a beautiful gold and white blue Shih Tzu. He loves everybody, but especially kids. When there are puppies in the house, you can't get Mun Kee away from the puppy pen- he sits there all day hoping one will get close enough for a kiss!



CH Sha-Mar's Smoke Gets in Your Eyes of Pien Ji - Smoke - Smoke's Pedigree
CH Sherden's Design by Cartier x CH Sha-Mar's Awesome Ashley /DNA# V667050


Champion Shih Tzu Sha-Mar's Smoke Gets in Your Eyes of Pien JiSmoke was the result of years of searching. And isn't he worth it? I always thought a black mask silver would be the prettiest Shih Tzu I could imagine- and Smoke brought that dream to life. Actually a silver brindle with a black mask, he is even prettier as a cut-down, the bars of silver just sparkle. Smoke is a really sweet boy and was a lot of fun to show.



Pien Ji's Alegrias - Allie
BISS CH Katmandu Easter Parade x Ginger Bear


Pien Ji's AlegriasAlegrias' show career was cut short due to an injury- but she had a 5 point major under her belt! She is a beautiful, dark red and white girl with perfect markings, and huge, liquid, dark eyes that do not have a trace of eye white. Her movement is like an afghan- long, reaching, and floating. And her personality is as fun as fun can be. Every day she tells me a long story, carrying on the 'conversation' as long as I care to.


AKC & Int'l CH Pien Ji's Cherchez La Rouge- Cher Bear
BISS CH Parade x Ginger Bear

CH Pien Ji's Cherchez La Rouge

Cher Bear is SOOOOOO cute! She is 10.5 pounds, but looks much smaller. And she FLIES! Cher Bear seems all shy and girly until she hits the show ring- then she hits the end of the lead and you had better be ready to keep up! She finished with two 4 pt. majors at Toy Specialties- one from a sporting judge and one from a 30 year Shih Tzu judge!



AKC & Int'l CH Katmandu Lady Marmalade of Pien Ji - Marmie
BISS CH Red Fred x Katmandu Sweet Dreams
/ DNA V667053

CH Katmandu Lady Marmalade of Pien Ji

Marmie is a Red Fred daughter, and just as lovey as he is. She finished her championship easily, with two 5 pt. majors. Marmie is sweet and quiet, and everything a Shih Tzu should be. She has the most perfect face with huge, dark, soft eyes. She gives the BEST hugs in the world- pushing her head against your cheek like she just can't get close enough to you.


BPIS Int'l Pien Ji's Fergie - Fergie
CH Ningsia's Texas Ranger x Ginger Bear / DNA V667049

Pien Ji's Fergie

Fergie is a red and white pistol with the face of an angel- but don't let the little dickens fool you! She is all personality and fun! Fergie's favorite trick is jumping off of the back of the couch onto my head and pretending she is a delightful, red and white furry cap with a wagging tail! She is just beautiful and everything Shih Tzu!













BPIS Int'l & AKC CH Pien Ji's Lolli Doll- Lolli Doll
CH Bob x Katmandu Sophia of Pien Ji / DNA V667054

Champion Shih Tzu CH Pien Ji's Lolli Doll

Now retired, Lolli Doll is such a little princess! She has the inkiest, dark eyes that you could easily get lost in. She finished with three majors, her last at a Toy Specialty! Lolli lives with Carole Delaney of Katmandu Shih Tzu now- she and Carole are a perfect pair. Lolli is mother to Mayhem.


BIS & BPIS Int'l CH & BISS AKC CH Hansuti's Oh What a Night - Max - Max's Pedigree
CH Ista's Tear'n It Up, ROM x CH Hansuti's Absolutely Adorable
/ DNA V634948

MaxMax came from Susan Wueller of Hansuti Shih Tzu- Susan co-owns him. His first time in the ring was at an International show, where he went Best Puppy in Show. I knew for sure then that this is the little black that could. Max is shown au-naturalle- and you can see red tones through his black. His tail has a lot of grey in it. I get two kinds of comments- "You should dye him" from those who just do not get it, and "How nice to see a black being shown naturally." I like seeing the red tones- I know he will be able to throw reds (some blacks do not carry red), which are my favorites. Max's movement and balance are lovely, and he finished with three majors. He is being shown by the lovely Carmen Ruby. And right after finishing his AKC title, I took him to the IABCA International Show, where he got his International Championship and took Best In Show in some VERY tough competition! And then in his ONLY time in the ring as an AKC Champion, he won Best in Specialty Show at the Puget Sound Shih Tzu Fanciers' Specialty under Terry Stacy! Max had quite the show career and is now the loving pet at home he was meant to be!


CH Katmandu N Pien Ji's Mayhem - Mayhem - Pedigree
BISS CH Katmandu Easter Parade x CH Lolli Doll
/ DNA V667055


Mayhem is co-owned with Carole Delaney of Katmandu Shih Tzu. He is just a delight! Mayhem had 10 points and both majors before a year old- all from the Bred-By-Exhibitor class, which made him the 2011 Puppy of the Year for the Gig Harbor Kennel Club! He finished with a 5 point major- his third major! Mayhem is happy, fun, and silly- just a blast to have around!

Here is a video of Mayhem!


BIS UKC CH, MBIS Int'l CH, AKC CH Pien Ji's Merlot - Merlot
BISS CH Red Fred x Sweet Sue

Merlot is a Red Fred son all the way. He is a clone of his beautiful daddy- right down to his quiet, loving temperament. He is a really typey boy- with a big old noggin and a lovely tail set and carriage and eyes you could get lost in forever. His show career has been going along nicely, gaining his AKC championship shown from the Bred-By Exhibitor class. At bothInternational and UKC shows, he has won Best in Show! He passed OFA hips, patellas, and his eyes test clear!